CLF400 LMR400 equiv Coaxial Cable per meter


CLF400 per meter

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This high quality 400-series coax cable has excellent low loss characteristics and a durable UV protected black polyethylene jacket. The CLF400 coax cable features equal performance and mechanical characteristics to similar cables from Times Microwave Systems®
CLF400 Coax Cable 200m Roll

Best suited to Fixed-Wireless installations such as Office buildings and Homes.

Electrical Specifications

Resistance: 50Ω
Capacitance: 78.4 pF/m
Signal Loss: 0.128dB/m @ 900MHz, 0.196dB/m @ 2000MHz
Frequency Range: DC-6GHz
Velocity of Propagation: 85%
Nominal Delay: 3.92ns/m
Voltage Withstand: 2500Volts DC
Peak Power: 16kW

Mechanical Specifications

Weight/100m: 11kg
Operating Temperature: -40° ~ +85°C
Conductor Material: Copper Cover Aluminum Wire (2.77 mm)
Insulating Material: Gas Injected Foamed Polyethylene (7.24 mm)
Outer Shield Material:
Double Side Aluminum Foil Tinned copper Wire 24×7/0.16mm Coverage 90%
Outer Jacket Material: Black PVC (10.3 mm)