Teltonika RUT240 4G Modem


Teltonika RUT240 – Compact, Cost-Effective, Powerful Industrial 4G LTE router

Pair with Clip-in Wall Mount Bracket

Get stronger signal with the MIMO-3-12 in vehicles or XPOL-2 antenna at home

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RUT240 High Quality 4G Modem for Home Caravan Transport IoT and more

The RUT240 is a compact, cost-effective and truly powerful industrial LTE router for professional applications.

This router delivers high performance and fail-over systems for mission-critical cellular communication applications.

The RUT240 also features a built in WiFi AP for local internet access, and can be configured as a Hotspot with Captive Portal.

Equipped with external SIM holder (insert your own SIM) and signal strength status LEDs, and also provides automatic failover between LTE connectivity and ethernet internet.

Software features available as standard include: VPN functionality, Firewall, DHCP, QoS, DDNS, Load Balance, VLAN tag support, and more.

Includes Antennas and Power Supply

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Pair this with the Clip-in Wall Mount Bracket


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RUT240 uses in Solar PV Plants

How to use the RUT240 as a backup for Starlink?

Adding the Teltonika RUT240 as a 4G backup to the Starlink. You connect the Output of the Starlink router to the Input of the Teltonika RUT240 and then the RUT240 output to yur laptop input. This turns the RUT240 into a “buffer” between your Starlink and your laptop.