The All ‘Rounder. Omni-Directional Building Cellular Antenna, N-Female, 698-2700 MHz


Our All-Around Great, Simple, Easy to Use Outdoor Antenna

  • Over 1.5 kilometres of range, with simple installation
  • Up to +4 dBi of gain
  • 360° – captures signal from all sides
  • Covers 698-2700MHz cellular bandwidths, all cellular carriers
  • ABS antenna cover, waterproof, UV-resistant
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When coming up with a name for this antenna, some bright person asked: “What can this thing NOT do?” Beyond bench-pressing, we couldn’t come up with too much – at least on the cellular front. Obviously, if you’re reading this product page, you’re not looking for an antenna to walk your dog. You’re looking for a reliable antenna to capture mobile internet signals, and there was no omni-antenna more reliable or better performing than The Good Ol’ All-Rounder.

The All-Rounder is a fixture of the Bolton antenna lineup. Its simple installation and ubiquity of use makes it a common sight if you start looking for it around neighborhoods, shopping mall, and free-standing buildings nationwide. It is the simplest of our 4G antennas to install, needing only to be mounted in an area with decent cellular signal. Simply doing that and connecting it to a mobile operator approved mobile phone signal booster system (such as the Cel-Fi Go units) will make a massive difference in reducing dropped calls, slow texts, and improving mobile data.

The All-Rounder is designed for fixed building installations outside a home, office, or commercial space.

The Bolton Technical All-Rounder omnidirectional antenna works with on all Australian mobile networks, and can be used on any 4G internet hotspot (including Teltonika Routers, Netgear NightHawk and any other device with an external antenna port).

BT512372-The-All-Rounder-Geek-Sheet.pdf (

– Wide band frequency range
– Excellent front-to-back ratio
– Easy installation using supplied hardware

Nominal Gain dBd 9
Frequency MHz 700 – 1000 / 1500 – 3000
Tunable Bandwidth Full band.
VSWR <2.0:1
Polarisation Linear
Vertical Beamwidth 50 (± 5)
Horizontal Beamwidth 55 (± 5)
Front/Back Ratio dB 20 dB (± 3 bB)
Power W 10
Dimensions mm 1100 x 180 x 60
Length mm 1100
Weight (kg) 1.6
Termination 0.5 meters cable terminated with N type female connector
Mounting Area Up to 60mm diameter pole


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