Wi-Fi Connection for Caravan & Camping

With Australia’s vast and expansive landscapes, there’s no better way to escape than by exploring the outdoors with your caravan, RV, or tent. Staying connected to the internet provides peace of mind, allowing you to stay in contact with loved ones, share experiences, research your destination, and keep up with the latest sports and entertainment through streaming television.

At RFShop, we offer ready-to-go modems and kits that you can use while traveling. These devices work on any Australian network (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, etc.), so you can choose the prepaid or plan that suits you best. Additionally, these modems can also be used in your home.

If you require any further customization for your kits, we’re here to assist you. We can provide custom-length cables, ensuring neat cable runs without any rolling or mess.

Which Caravan Wifi Kit should you choose?

If you mostly travel in cities and towns, a 4G or 5G modem by itself will suffice. Modems like the Teltonika RUT360, RUT950, RUTX50, and the Telstra Nighthawk M series work well in such areas. All you need is a SIM card from any Australian network provider. However, if you venture further into the outback, an antenna becomes necessary to maintain internet connectivity. The choice of antenna depends on how remote your travels take you. In most coastal areas, an omni antenna mounted on your roof, such as the Poynting MIMO-3-12, will work perfectly. On the other hand, if you go inland to national parks or similar locations, a directional antenna is the better choice. The Poynting XPOL-2 is compact, lightweight, and powerful. It requires mounting on a pole and some setup each time you stop, but it cannot be used while driving.

Boosted 4G signal for mobile phones

If your main focus is improving the 4G signal for multiple mobile phones, we recommend considering the popular Cel-Fi GO product range. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote that addresses your voice and data problems for any of the mobile phone networks in Australia (Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone).

Caravan 4G Kits

Fast Internet Kits for Caravan & Camping in remote Australia

Medium size vehicle antenna with 4G modem

Caravan 4G Internet kit – Classic kit with omni-directional antenna

The Classic WiFi Kit combines the high-performance Poynting MIMO-3-12 antenna with the ultra-reliable Teltonika RUT360 to provide you with 4G connectivity even in hard-to-reach locations. To mount the omni antenna on your roof, you have the option of either drilling a hole or utilizing the additional magnet kit provided by Poynting. This solution is particularly effective in all coastal areas of Australia. With this kit, you can expect a significant boost in signal range for your mobile phone, even up to 60 km away from the nearest phone tower, ensuring uninterrupted streaming and clear video calls.

White antenna and silver modem on night time with caravan in the background

Performance Caravan 4G Internet Kit to allow you to work away from home

For users who prefer setting up camp and require a dedicated and high-performance solution, we recommend the use of a directional Poynting XPOL-2 5G Ready MIMO antenna along with a Cat6 Teltonika RUT360 router. This setup offers excellent 4G bandwidth, reliability, and extended range, making it ideal for those who need a stable connection while traveling and working remotely. It’s important to note that this kit requires you to park in a stationary location and utilize a pole for setting up the antenna. The directional nature of this antenna provides greater range compared to an omni antenna, as it can be precisely aimed at a specific tower for optimized performance.

Performance 4G Antenna Kit

Advanced Caravan 4G Internet Kit

With the combination of the Poynting MIMO-3-14 antenna and the Teltonika RUTX12 router, you can experience the benefits of 4×4 MIMO technology, where four antennas work together to provide you with the strongest and most reliable signal. Additionally, the RUTX12 router utilizes Load Balancing functionality, ensuring that you achieve the fastest and most stable connection possible.

This advanced kit is designed to deliver an exceptional internet connection experience within the 4G range. By using two SIM cards from different providers simultaneously, the modem intelligently selects the best signal and optimizes data downloads automatically. As a result, you can expect increased download and upload speeds, as well as the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Performance 4G Antenna Kit

Caravan 5G Internet Kit

he Caravan 5G Internet Kit is a versatile solution that ensures you stay connected during your holiday travels. This kit includes the highly regarded RUTX50 5G modem, the Poynting MIMO-3-14 outdoor 5G Ready Antenna with a 2m coaxial cable, and a vehicle power supply socket for convenient installation.

To establish a connection, all you need is a SIM card from any network operator along with a current data or prepaid plan. This kit remains fully compatible with 4G and 3G networks, providing connectivity even in rural areas. Moreover, it offers the added advantage of being future-proof, allowing you to harness the benefits of 5G technology wherever it is available.

We have conducted speed tests on the RUTX50 modem in Adelaide and Melbourne, achieving impressive download speeds ranging from 250 MB/s to 350 MB/s. In comparison, average 4G download speeds in cities typically hover around 60 MB/s. This kit guarantees a reliable and high-speed internet connection, enhancing your overall online experience during your travels.

FAQ’s about Caravan Internet

Is StarLink better than 5G?

In most cases 5G is faster and cheaper than StarLink. StarLink is very good in remote areas with no other network signal. 

Will an external 4G antenna improve my upload speed?

Yes, robust and reliable MIMO 4G antenna will improve the connection between you and the mobile phone network, which in turn should help with both download and upload speeds

How far will will a good outdoor 4G antenna let me travel away from the nearest 4G tower?

This is a very difficult question to answer, since it always improves the local connection, but every setup is unique. We can’t answer this type of question on a blanket FAQ, and would welcome you to contact us via email, phone or in person to study your situation is more detail.

Does my external 4G antenna require power?
No, it only needs to be connected via the coaxial cables to the router.
Why do you recommend Omni Antennas for Caravans and RV’s?
An Omni antenna works in all directions. It does not matter how you park your vehicle or moor the boat, it will always have an antenna that is working in the direction of the nearest 4G base station.
If an 4G Omni Antenna is more versatile than a MIMO Directional Antenna, why don’t you use Omni Antennas all the time?
An Omni Antenna is indeed more versatile, but it’s never going to be as high gain as a 4G Directional Antenna. At any given time you will only have a connection to one 4G / 5G base station. An omni antenna is great at having a decent connection to any base station, but a directional antenna is great at having a great connection to that specific base station.
Is a 4G / 5G Ready MIMO Omni Antenna as good as a 4G / 5G Ready MIMO Directional Antenna?
We believe that proper MIMO can only be achieved by using a feature called MIMO Diversity. That means, you have Multiple versions of the incoming 4G signal that are all somewhat different. This allows the 4G router to get a rich set of variants that allows the 4G modem to decipher the data and provide the best possible internet bandwidth. It is technically more difficult to achieve that diversity (i.e. completely different flavours of the 4G signal) in a single omni antenna. However, it’s easy to accomplish diversity in a directional antenna, and that is one fundamental reason why the directional 4G antennas perform much better in a fixed setup than omni antennas.
If MIMO Omni is difficult to achieve, why do they exist?
Having a MIMO that is OK but not the absolute best is still significantly better than only having a single antenna.
What is the best way to get great MIMO performance out of a 4G Omni Antenna?
We recommend using two simple / single antennas, and space them apart by at least 500mm. That way the user will achieve what is called spacial diversity. If it’s at all possible, the user should also try to mount the antennas at slightly different heights (even 100mm would make a difference). This will help resolve any possible surface reflections.
What is MIMO and why is it important?
MIMO is short for Multiple Input, Multiple Output. A very simple explanation would be that the 4G network sends two (or more) independent signals from the base station. The 4G modem has two modems and tries to pick-up these two signals independently. The two signals will bounce ( reflection and diffraction ) and arrive at the 4G router all messed up. Allowing the 4G modem to detect and try to reconstruct the original signal is the best thing a user can do, and that is achieved by using high quality MIMO 4G Antennas, ideally outdoors.