Delivering custom cable assemblies and high-end antenna design for reliable, seamless operations

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Partnering with Australian businesses to provide custom cable assemblies and RF expert solutions

Coaxial cable and antenna design for commercial use

RFShop is a privately owned Australian manufacturer of coaxial cable assemblies and high performance antennas. With a heritage rooted in engineering, we partner with businesses across the Australian industry sectors. 

Our custom coaxial cable harnesses are used in a wide range of communication systems, including rugged cable looms for mining, mass volume cable assemblies in the automotive industry and specialist mil-spec cable assemblies used for defence applications.

Through our world class Black Art Technologies, we provide high-performance antenna and passive RF component design with experience and expertise in a wide range of military and commercial wireless applications.


Cable Manufacturer Australia

Reliable cable harness solutions play a critical role in enhancing connectivity and performance across diverse industry sectors. From the demanding environments in the defence sector to the specific requirements of telecommunications, our tailored cable harness solutions ensure seamless operations and optimised performance.

With a focus on precision, our industry-specific cable harnesses solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges of each sector for efficient and dependable operations.


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RFShop Custom Coaxial Cable Assemblies

RFShop excels in customised coaxial cables, designed specifically for your unique requirements. Our expansive selection covers popular coaxial cable types such as RG174, RG316, RG58, RG213, RG223, RG6, RG11, LMR100, LMR195, LMR240, LMR400, LMR600, Enviroflex400, and a variety of test cables from Jye Bao, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all your cable needs.

Beyond our broad range of cables, we offer specialized services to personalize your cables further. These include conduit application, custom labeling, colored heat shrink, and precise phase matching, tailoring your cables to your exact specifications. Our connector range features top brands like Jye Bao, Huber + Suhner, Cambridge Technologies, Rosenberger, Amphenol, and cost-effective options too.

Ease your cable selection process with our intuitive Custom Cable Builders, or contact our expert team for a quote. Choose RFShop for superior-quality custom coaxial cables that align perfectly with your specifications.

High End Custom Coaxial Cable Builder

Custom Coaxial Cable Builder

Cable for Nighthawk


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Product Range

RFShop product range

RFShop provides a full service coaxial product range, manufacture, and assembly services for any solutions you need.

Custom Coaxial Cable assemblies

Custom Coaxial Cable assemblies – up to 14 GHz, with custom labelling, conduit & phase matching. Lead times ranging from 1 day to 6 weeks.

Hybrid cables, ie combination of coax and DC power/signal.

Hybrid cables, ie combination of coax and DC power/signal.

Custom RF harnesses for Vehicles in Harsh Environments.

Custom RF harnesses for Vehicles in Harsh Environments.

Custom Antenna Integration & Design – from 27 MHz up to 14 GHz.

Custom Antenna Integration & Design – from 27 MHz up to 14 GHz.

Precision and Test Cables up to 40GHz – Lead Times of 8 weeks.

Precision and Test Cables up to 40GHz – Lead Times of 8 weeks.

Coaxial Connectors, Adapters & Attenuators.

Coaxial Connectors, Adapters & Attenuators.

4G/5G/Wi-Fi/GPS Antennas.

4G/5G/Wi-Fi/GPS Antennas.


4G/5G Modems and Wi-Fi Adapters.


Cable harness solutions across industry sectors

RFShop serves a range of industry sectors


Mass volume cable assemblies for vehicle communication


Custom RF harnesses for IoT applications


Specialist mil-spec cable assemblies & manufacturing


Coaxial cable and fibre optics integrations


Coaxial cables and antenna design simulation


High performance antenna design for IOT


RFShop partner with customers to find pragmatic simple solutions
RFShop works closely with clients to develop streamlined and effective solutions.

Enhancing your productivity

Providing custom cable assemblies and RF harness expert capabilities to optimise your production processes, helping you achieve greater efficiency.

Ensuring seamless operations

Our expertise in custom cable assemblies and RF harnesses ensures reliable, uninterrupted operations across diverse Australian industry sectors.

Minimising downtime

Our custom cable assemblies and RF harness expertise helps reduce downtime and maximise your productivity.

Streamlining your systems

We specialise in custom cable assemblies and RF harnesses to simplify your systems and improve overall performance.

Increase reliability

Our custom solutions in cable assemblies and RF harnesses guarantee reliable, high-quality performance for your applications.


RFShop Capabilities

Capabilities in custom cable assemblies and RF harnesses solutions
Our capabilities form the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering high-quality products and services, and performance that meet our clients’ expectations. With manufacturing and assembly services, design expertise, and rigorous quality control measures, we are ready to meet your most complex needs. Our approach will be to provide pragmatic simple solutions, approachable technical conversations, and responsive customer engagement.
We only work with trusted suppliers who we know can deliver to the quality and performance that meets your expectations.
Explore our diverse range of services:

Capability overview

  • Local Adelaide Team consisting of 8 engineers and 5 assembly technicians
  • In-depth knowledge of specialist RF components
  • Flexible lead times for assemblies, ranging from 1 day to 6weeks
  • Cable assemblies meet IPC620 specification
  • Collaborative product design with customers
  • Quality standards and other accreditations
  • ISO:9001 certification in progress
  • High-end antenna design and simulation
  • Made in Australia, sovereign capabilities

Detailed list of our capabilities

Design & engineering services
  • Custom cable design
  • RF harness design
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design) expertise
  • Prototyping services
Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Cable and harness assembly
  • Printed Circuit Board assembly
  • Soldering and crimping
Quality Control and Testing
  • Comprehensive testing and quality assurance
  • RF testing and measurement
  • Environmental testing (e.g., vibration, temperature, humidity
Material Expertise
  • Knowledge of various cable types (e.g., coaxial, fibre optic, twisted pair)
  • RF-specific materials
  • Cable shielding and insulation materials
Customization and Modification
  • Custom cable length and connectors
  • RF cable impedance matching
  • Cable labelling and identification
Certifications and Compliance
  • Compliance with industry standards (e.g., ISO)
Consultation and Technical Support
  • Technical guidance for clients
  • Troubleshooting and support for integration
  • Custom solutions for unique requirements
Inventory Management
  • Inventory stocking options for clients
  • Procurement & Supply chain management
Prototyping and Small to Large-Scale Production
  • Prototyping services for product development
  • Scaling up to meet large production demands
Custom Cable Accessories
  • Connector & Adapter solutions
  • Cable glands and strain relief
  • Colour Coding and Labelling
Documentation and Traceability
  • Detailed product documentation
  • Traceability of components and assembly processes
Customer Support and After-Sales Services
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Warranty and repair services

Black Art Technologies

High performance Antenna Simulation and Design

Offering world-class antenna and passive RF component design for diverse military and commercial wireless applications, alongside comprehensive services utilizing advanced computational electromagnetic modelling.

Antenna simulation and design

High gain Yagi antennas

Passive RF circuit design


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