High-End Custom Coaxial Cable Builder

Build high-quality coaxial cable assemblies with our easy-to-use builder. Choose RFShop Australia for reliable and top-notch cable solutions.

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High Quality Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Build high-quality coaxial cable assemblies with our easy-to-use builder. Choose from a range of standard LMR coaxial cables or opt for the UltraFlex LMR cables for added flexibility. Our cables come with optional Phase Matching and feature genuine Jye Bao connectors along with Times Microwave LMR cable. You can find the datasheets for these cables below. Rest assured that all cables are made to order and undergo rigorous testing in our warehouse located in Lonsdale, SA. Choose RFShop Australia for reliable and top-notch cable solutions.

LMR Coaxial Cable:

  • Industry standard for high-performance broadband and low-loss 50 Ohm cables.
  • Provides 100% effective shielding and is UV, sunlight, and weather resistant.
  • Options include LMR195, LMR240, and LMR400.

LMR195 Datasheet 

LMR240 DataSheet

LMR400 Datasheet

UltraFlex LMR Coaxial Cable:

  • Designed for multiple bending and flexing cycles, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Choose from LMR195-UF, LMR240-UF, and LMR400-UF.

LMR195-UF Datasheet  LMR240-UF Datasheet LMR400-UF Datasheet

We also offer a wide selection of high-quality coaxial connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, and raw cable from Jye Bao Co. Ltd. These connectors undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and consistent performance. Here are some of the connectors available:

SMA Connectors:

  • Operating frequency up to 18 GHz, suitable for ultra-high frequency applications.
  • Popular choice for RF applications, such as Wi-Fi antennas, microwave systems, and mobile telephones.

Reverse Polarity SMA Connectors:

  • Pin and sleeve switched, featuring a threaded outer coupling interface.

N-type Connectors:

  • Operating frequency up to 11 GHz, larger size for robust and stable connections.
  • Used in heavy-duty communication equipment such as radar systems and satellites.

TNC Connectors:

  • Threaded version of BNC connectors, operating frequency up to 11 GHz.
  • Commonly used in radio and wired applications.

BNC Connectors:

  • Miniature quick connect/disconnect connectors for coaxial cables.
  • Designed to maintain characteristic impedance, widely used in video and radio frequency connections.


Phase Matching

Phase matching in coaxial cables refers to the process of ensuring that the electrical signals traveling through multiple cables maintain a consistent phase relationship. In high-frequency applications, such as in RF and microwave systems, maintaining phase coherence is crucial for accurate signal transmission and avoiding signal degradation.

Build your high-quality coaxial cable assemblies and choose the right connectors for your needs. Enjoy reliable and superior performance with RFShop Australia.


If you need further customisation, such as conduit, labels or a different cable type, please contact us for advice and a quote.