Creating Better Connections

No-one wants to sit with poor internet at home
Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Smart TV’s can all be connected to the home WiFi.
Using ALFA Networks solutions and suitable antenna selections, you can now ensure that all devices in and around the house can be connected to the same network, all at the same time.

If you have trouble getting a 4G internet connection, introducing a high performance antenna could just be the thing that you were looking for.

Our range of carefully selected 4G / LTE antennas covers a wide range of scenarios, and allow end-users at home or in the office to get benefit of mobile broadband internet connections.

No matter if you are traveling or in a fixed location, being able to stay in contact with your loved ones is a number one priority for many Australian families.

RFShop can assist with cellular boosters (Cel-Fi GO) or WiFi boosters (ALFA Networks) to improve your internet connections even in the most remote areas, anything from your own back yard to deep in the Outback of Australia.

How to choose the right WiFi Solution

Choosing the right WiFi solution can seem overwhelming.

Our easy to use selection guide will assist you in identifying your problem and offer you a few simple solutions to choose from.

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With our offices here in Adelaide, South Australia we can more closely support our customer base if and when they need it.

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We use high quality components, local manufacturing, quality control & testing to provide top of the line product.

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