Custom Coaxial Cable Builder

We specialise in providing custom coaxial cables tailored to your specific needs. We offer a wide range of common 50-ohm coaxial cables and connectors.

Ultraflex options now available! RFS195-UF and RFS240-UF.


If you’re unsure about which connector you need, we recommend checking out our informative blog post on Identifying Coaxial Connectors. Please note that if you require cables for a time-critical project, it’s advisable to confirm your order with us over the phone or via email before completing your purchase.

We offer a wide range of common 50-ohm coaxial cables to meet your specific needs. When choosing the right cable for applications such as GPS, Wi-Fi, or 4G, it’s essential to consider factors like flexibility and signal loss. Here are some popular cable options:

  1. RG316 or Pink-Colored Cable: This thin and highly flexible cable, although the most lossy, is suitable for shorter lengths up to one meter due to its approximately 1 dB loss per meter at one gigahertz.
  2. LMR195 or Equivalent (e.g., RFS195): With a total diameter of around five to six millimeters, this cable offers lower signal loss compared to RG316 (approximately 0.36 dB per meter at 1 GHz). It remains flexible and performs well in longer lengths.
  3. LMR195-Ultraflex equivalent RFS195-UF 
  4. LMR240 or Equivalent (e.g.,CLF240): Slightly less flexible than LMR195, this cable provides better signal loss performance (around 0.25 dB per meter at 1 GHz). It is typically recommended for lengths up to 10 meters in the 4G world.
  5. LMR240-Ultraflex equivalent RFS240-UF
  6. LMR400 or RFS400 Cable: This thicker cable with a diameter of 10 millimeters offers excellent performance and low signal loss (approximately 0.14 dB per meter at 1 GHz). It is recommended for longer runs, starting from around 3 meters.

The right cable choice depends on your specific requirements and the length of the cable run. Consider factors like flexibility, signal loss, and practicality to make an informed decision.

In addition to cables, we also offer a variety of coaxial connectors:

  • SMA connectors: Suitable for frequencies up to 18GHz, commonly used in applications like Wi-Fi antennas, radios, cameras, HAM radios, and more. We provide high-quality Jye Bao connectors as well as budget-friendly versions.
  • N-Type Connectors: Ideal for industrial or low return loss applications, with frequency suitability up to 18GHz. Our N-Type connectors are available for various coaxial cable types.
  • TNC Connectors: Similar to BNC connectors but with a threaded design for higher frequencies up to 11GHz. Widely used in radio communications equipment, including RP-TNC connectors (reverse polarity) for Wi-Fi equipment.
  • BNC Connectors: Widely used in radio communications, audio/video markets, and data sectors, with frequency support up to 4GHz. We offer both 50-ohm and 75-ohm versions.
  • FME Connectors: Primarily used in mobile or cell applications, particularly suitable for RG-58/RFS195 cable and frequencies up to 2GHz.
  • UFL Connectors: Extremely small connectors commonly found in laptops and small electronic circuits, with a frequency range of 0-6GHz.

Please feel free to explore our selection of coaxial connectors and cables to find the right solutions for your needs.

For decimal lengths please contact us for a quote. Choose your own assembly and cable length according to your needs.


Customer Reviews

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Darryl Collins
Excellent service

Cables were very well made. Shipping was fast.

Garry Landers

great quality and efficient delivery

Don Mayger
Cable Builder Review

I think it is a very convenient way to order custom cables.
However when choosing the cable length, need the ability to select fraction of a m increments, eg 2.4m, rather than whole m increments.

Ben Long

Great work

John Kavanagh

Easy to use, if you could reduce the amount of scrolling up and down to check the config that would be nice thnx