It can be quite confusing to specify coaxial connectors particularly when they can be “reverse polarity”  or “reverse gender”. In the good old days, before some bright spark decided to introduce RP types there were just two types of SMA and other similar connectors. The plug had a male pin and the jack had a female pin. Too easy. The reverse SMA plug, RP-SMA plug,  instead, has a female pin and the reverse SMA jack has a male pin. There seems to be an increasing tendency to refer to the RP-SMA plug as “RP-SMA male”, it can aslo be referred to as RP SMA Plug female pin. RFShop has both budget friendly and high quality options available for most connectors. If you can’t find something on our website give us a call or send us a message

SMA connectors are similar in operation to N-Type connectors in terms of frequency response up to 18GHz. Common applications are with Wifi antennas and radios, cameras, HAM radios and antennas. Best paired with our smaller cables RG316 RFS195 (LMR195) or CLF240 (LMR240).

RFShop sells SMA connectors for all main coaxial cable types – we have high quality Jye Bao connectors available as well as budget friendly versions for everyday use.

N type connectors are usually 50 Ohm and have varying uses, usually industrial or where low return loss and mechanical stability are required. Suited for frequencies up to 18GHz and best paired with CLF300(LMR300) or CLF400(LMR400) cable, allthough they can be used with RG316, RG58, CLF195 and CLF240 as well.

RFShop has a variation of N connectors available. If you need anything specific you can have a look at the Jye Bao catalogue and we can order it for you (lead time up to 4 weeks).


Similar to a BNC but with a threaded connector allowing the connector to work beyond the 4GHz of a BNC up to 11GHz. TNC connectors are widely used in radio communications equipment. RP-TNC connectors (reverse polarity) are still widely used on Wi-Fi equipment. Best paired with CFL195 or 200.

All RFShop TNC connectors are listed here. If you need a more specific one please check out the Jye Bao Catalog and send the product code to us (lead time usually up to 4 weeks).


Designed for 0-4GHz frequencies, BNC connectors are widely used in radio communications equipment. AV markets as well as data sectors. Both 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm versions are available for different purposes.

All RFShop BNC Connectors


FME connectors are used almost explicitly for mobile or cell applications. Used with RG-58 cable so suited for 0-2Ghz frequencies. Often used in car or truck installations due to its excellent shielding qualities and its smaller diameter allowing snaking throughout cavities.

RFShop FME Connectors


An extremely small connector used often inside laptops or small electronic circuits. With a useful frequency range from 0-6Ghz.

We do not sell UFL connectors separately, but we do sell cables with the option of UFL in our Custom Cable Builder