RG316 Coaxial Cable per centimeter


RG316 per centimeter

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RG316 availabe at RF Shop in any length you need, price listed per centimeter.

RG316 coax cable can be used in direct burial, radio frequency and telecommunications applications.

Often used for the transmission of radio frequency signals, RG316 cable can also be used in wireless communication, broadcast and military equipment. RG316 coax may also be used for high frequency interconnections between PCB in telecommunications equipment.

RG-316 cable is a good choice for applications like these which require good performance and stability in high temperature environments and superior phase stability, or for applications in demanding environments or with minimal installation space.

RG316 is a high performance coaxial cable?FEP jacketed capable of withstanding operating temperatures up to 200?C. The cable’s stranded silver-coated CCS inner conductor and silver-plated copper braid provide superior shielding and low attenuation losses, making it by far the preferred accessory/patch cable over similar 2.5mm cables such as RG174.

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Eric John Pither

an excellent no hassles purchase of an item that was mpossible to get in my neck of the woods. Thankyou