SHV jack crimp bulkhead for RG58, LMR195


Coaxial Connector Jye Bao SHV female (jack) bulkhead crimp for RG58 LMR195

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Jye Bao Coaxial Connector

Body Material : Brass

Body Plating : Tin-zinc-copper

Cable Entry : Crimp

Cable Type : JBY195 and LMR195 and RG58

Configuration : Bulkhead

Connector Gender : Jack

Connector Polarity : Standard polarity

Connector Series : SHV

Geometry : Straight

Hermetic/IP Rating : IP67(mated)

Impedance : 50ohm

Pin Entry : Crimp and Solder

Title : SHV jack crimp bulkhead for RG58,JBY195,LMR195

Additional information

Weight 0.022 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 mm


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