As a technical company it’s very tempting to start a conversation by telling people what we do. Imagine the excitement in the room when you start a conversation like this: “What do I do? Well, I build coaxial cables and sell antennas for a living”. I guess you can imagine how the rest of the conversation goes…indeed, it stopped even before it started !!
We (and me in particular) learned the hard way that the best, if not the only, way to try and have a conversation about RFShop is to first present the solution. Then people either ask for more detail or everybody starts to share their version of that problem. Whichever way, it’s always better to have someone somewhat interested by what your trying to achieve.
In the video below I present our mission, vision and values for RFShop and Black Art Technologies. I try to present it in such a way that you will first understand what we can do, and then cover some of the methods and items we use to make sure people can remain connected!

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