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  Cable assemblies

  Please specify type of
  cable, length of cable,
  type of connectors to be

Test Leads for VNAs


Price according to exact requirement


 Semi Rigid Cable  


 In addition to the above,
 any bend shaping will need
 to be specified  

    Out of the ordinary type cable assemblies.
   High Voltage Cable
 SHV, MHV, 10KV, 20kV  connectors 

Ultra Low Loss High Quality Cable Assembly



RFshop (Australia) has been a successful business since 2001. We are looking for an active business partner who will be able to help us take the business forward in co-operation with RFShop UK.  If you would like to know more, and for an informal chat,  please give me (Peter)  a call on 07 3375 6767 

Manufactured RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies.

We offer a two tier service on just about any cable assembly to suit your requirements.
1) We can supply small quantities of made up cables quickly (typically 1 - 2  working day turnaround) using standard connectors (N, SMA, BNC, TNC etc both conventional and reverse), which we have in stock, and using standard and low loss cable such as RG58, RG178, RG316, Rg142, LMR195, 200, 400 , or equivalent, . 

2) For larger quantities, or if we don't have enough of the specified connector in stock, we ask our suppliers to ship at a lead time of typically 3 weeks.  Naturally these prices, for larger quantities, will be much lower than for the previous option.

Just email,   sales{AT}rfshop.com.au,   or phone  for a quote. Tel: 07 3375 6767 Fax:07 3375 6006

Non-Australian Customers. The website cannot automatically calculate freight at present. So please just email in for a quote/invoice. We can also deliver on your own courier at zero added freight cost. Please just supply your account number.  We can only sell GST free for deliveries outside of Australia.

Finding things on RFShop Website
You can try typing in a key word into the search box above. Eg 'Cantenna'. (avoid multiple words which can create too many hits)

Or you can use  GOOGLE SEARCH OF SITE (LOWER BOX)    which is more forgiving of multiple words. So if you are looking for an SMA to N adapter type in {SMA N adapter}

Quickfinder:  Prices and Stock levels can now be downloaded on this spreadsheet. Now includes photos and links to datasheets where available ( 21/9/2014)
(Order the same products by faxing or emailing us at sales@rfshop.com.au or rfshop@gmail.com


Payment Methods:

Payment Methods

Paying Online?

Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard etc & Paypal. Sorry but not Amex. Prefer not to Pay Online? Choose 'purchase order' option, on the shopping cart checkout. You may need to provide, or just make up, an order number. We'll email back with full invoice on receipt of order which includes our bank account details. Credit card details can then be phoned in if preferred. We don't keep credit card details for security reasons. Also please choose 'purchase order' option at the checkout if a particular courier service is required, or if heavy items like rolls of cable are being purchased which may require additional postage. Cheques, postal and money orders are also accepted through the post. Or, just telephone, email or fax us with order details. Overseas buyers Please choose 'purchase order' option, or email, or fax your order. You may qualify for VAT free purchases, if deliveries are outside of the EU, or inside the EU subject to certain conditions.


Apart from freight or postage costs, money is refunded on all items if you are unhappy with the products, if returned undamaged within a reasonable period of time. Say one to two weeks.

How to Videos 

How to  put a N connector on a RG58/LMR 195 type cable

How to  use a connector gauge to set the pin position on an N connector

How to use RFShop's semi rigid cable bender 

Contact Details: 07 3375 6767 (phone) 07 3375 6006 (fax) 0487 487091 (mobile)  or sales(AT)rfshop.com.au

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