In November we attended CommsConnect2019 in Melbourne.
We had our stand, and once again it was a bit of an experiment to see what type of expo setup we should use as displaying a niche but important feature of wireless technology is quite a challenge.
In the setup video below, I did a quick tour of our display. Although CommsConnect is done and dusted, the video and what I tried to show remains true. What I learned was that the base of how we did the setup worked really well, so if you ever find us at an expo or you come and visit us at RFShop in Lonsdale you will see exactly the same setup!

The one question that I really want to address is about our test equipment. As you may have noticed, we’re getting more-and-more involved in design and development via Black Art Technologies (our engineering brand).
The amazing test equipment I use is a MegiQ VNA It’s a great USB-based 6GHz Network Analyzer that I also demonstrate on the video.
We are fortunate to also be partnered with Jyebao, who are able to provide us excellent calibration kits and test cables that we can use for our setup as we offer them as solutions to our customers and industry partners in Australia. All these items are available on our website if you look for the Tools section

The last feature that I have not explicitly highlighted yet, is the new antenna I’m demonstrating on the stand. It’s called Zebra 2. Although not yet a commercially available product, it’s very much a demonstration of what’s to come and what we can do for you. This antenna is a 2-port 12dBi 2.4GHz MIMO antenna, with a left- and right-hand circular polarisation. As you may have noticed over the last 6 months or so, I love the circular polarised antennas as I truly believe it’s a way to overcome challenging environments (and also to have something on the table that’s clearly different than other manufacturers).