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Poynting Cash Back

So, you’re using a Poynting antenna! Take a good look at it. Does it make your life better? If so, take a photo, write a couple of sentences and upload these to our portal. Share it on your social media (you influencer you!) and remember to link to our website or to...

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DIY Antenna Upgrades

    In this video we discuss the background and illustrate how you can convert your stock Helium Antenna to an awesome 9dBi Helium Yagi Antenna for testing and experiments for free and earn more crypto in doing so. All you need...

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Top 5 Antenna Myths 2021

In reflecting on 2021 and the crazy start to the 2020's we felt it was an opportunity to reflect a bit. The topics covered are nothing new, and the same conversation can probably be held over-and-over again. Although the way it's presented...

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