Cel-Fi GO G41 Unit only. Australia configuration


Cel-Fi GO G41 Repeater

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Designed to solve cellular coverage issues for indoor environments, the CelFi GO G41 Smart Signal Booster is the most powerful carrier-grade solution available. Providing up to 100 dB gain, GO G41 offers class-leading 5G/4G/3G voice and data performance. GO G41 also supports 5GNR operation for seamless network migration and consistent connectivity. In addition to providing cellular coverage up to 3,000 m2 (1,500 m2 in U.K.) when configured with the included donor and server antennas, the system can be expanded with outdoor or additional server antennas for an increased coverage footprint. Plus, GO G41 is network safe and the easiest solution to install. Industry-Leading Signal Gain Leveraging Nextivity’s award-winning IntelliBoost® chipset, which is engineered to deliver unmatched cellular performance, GO G41 provides up to 100 dB signal gain (depending on the region).

This product can work on either the Telstra, Optus or Vodafone network but like all other Cel-Fi products it will only amplify one operator’s service. You have the option to switch it between the operators via the Wave app if you change from one to the other.



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