Classic 4G Home Internet Kit


The 4G Home Internet Kit, the perfect solution for achieving fast and reliable internet connectivity in your home


Introducing the 4G Home Internet Kit, the perfect solution for achieving fast and reliable internet connectivity in your home. As remote work becomes more prevalent, the demand for high-speed internet has increased significantly.

Traditional home internet speeds are typically optimized for leisure activities like streaming and web browsing. However, when it comes to remote work, the required connection speeds may be vastly different, especially with multiple users in the household. While NBN has its limitations, switching to 4G with a powerful antenna and industrial-grade modem can greatly enhance your home internet speed and bandwidth.

The 4G Home Internet Kit includes the Poynting XPLO-2-5G V3 MIMO antenna and the Teltonika Networks RUT360 4G modem. You can choose from coax cable lengths of 5, 10, or 15 meters to suit your home setup. The XPLO-2-5G antenna offers options with SMA or N-Type connectors, with N-Type recommended for cable lengths longer than 10 meters or challenging antenna-to-tower distances.

Teltonika RUT360 4G Modem

The Teltonika RUT360 4G Modem is built to withstand industrial conditions, capable of operating at temperatures up to 75°C. Its two SMA connectors allow for the use of a MIMO 4G antenna, offering a stable and reliable connection. The modem also comes with two external Wi-Fi antennas, which can be replaced or upgraded based on your needs. Unlike regular 4G modems with internal Wi-Fi antennas, the RUT360 gives you the flexibility to enhance your Wi-Fi signal. With its superior features, including the use of SMA connectors and external Wi-Fi antennas, the RUT360 outperforms other modems on the market.

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Poynting XPOL-2 Directional 4G/5G Antenna

The Poynting XPOL-2-5G V3 antenna is a top choice for reliable connectivity. Compatible with 2G/3G/4G and 5G networks, this antenna guarantees consistent broadband performance. Its X-Polarized 2×2 MIMO design allows for optimal signal reception. The antenna is lightweight, rugged, and weatherproof (IP65 rated), making it suitable for various applications including fixed wireless access, consumer LTE/5G internet connectivity, industrial and commercial deployments, rural household reception enhancement, and more.

With improved bandwidth, the antenna enables seamless data transmission, allowing multiple devices to operate simultaneously without any issues. For those seeking even higher bandwidth, an upgrade to the Teltonika RUT951 modem is available.

Invest in the 4G Home Internet Kit today to enjoy fast and reliable internet access from the comfort of your home. Simply add a SIM card (not included) from your preferred provider, and you’ll be ready to experience an enhanced internet connection.


In case you need shorter or longer cable lengths we have a custom cable builder

See the set up and speed test of the XPOL-2 antenna with the RUT950 modem on our Youtube channel!

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