TNC plug crimp for CLF240,LMR240


Coaxial Connector NC plug crimp for CLF240,LMR240

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Jyebao PN : TNC3100-L240

Body Material : Brass

Body Plating : Tin-zinc-copper

Cable Entry : Crimp

Cable Type : CLF240 and LMR240

Connector Gender : Plug

Connector Polarity : Standard polarity

Connector Series : TNC

Coupling nut material & plating : Brass Tin-zinc-copper

Geometry : Straight

Impedance : 50ohm

Pin Entry : Crimp and Solder

Title : TNC plug crimp for CLF240,LMR240

Data Sheet : TNC3100-L240.pdf

Similar to a BNC but with a threaded connector allowing the connector to work beyond the 4GHz of a BNC up to 11GHz. TNC connectors are widely used in radio communications equipment. RP-TNC connectors (reverse polarity) are still widely used on Wi-Fi equipment. Best paired with CFL195 or 200.