SMA(M) crimp for RG58,LMR195


Coaxial Connector SMA plug crimp for RG58,JBY195,LMR198

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Jyebao PN : SMA3100-0058

Body Material : Brass

Body Plating : Gold

Cable Entry : Crimp

Cable Type : JBY195 and LMR195 and RG58

Connector Gender : Plug

Connector Polarity : Standard polarity

Connector Series : SMA

Coupling nut material & plating : Brass Gold

Geometry : Straight

Impedance : 50ohm

Pin Entry : Crimp and Solder

Title : SMA plug crimp for RG58,JBY195,LMR195

Data Sheet : SMA3100-0058.pdf

SMA connectors are similar in operation to N-Type connectors in terms of frequency response up to 18GHz. Common applications are with Wifi antennas and radios, cameras, HAM radios and antennas. Best paired with our smaller cables CFL195 (LMR195) or CFL240 (LMR240).