SMA plug to BNC plug 4GHz


SMA plug to BNC plug 4GHz VSWR1.2

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Jyebao PN πŸ˜•AD-A3B3

Body 1 Material & Plating πŸ˜•Brass Gold

Body 2 Material & Plating πŸ˜•Brass Tin-Zinc-Copper

Connection Type πŸ˜•Between Series

Connector 1 Gender πŸ˜•Plug

Connector 1 Polarity πŸ˜•Standard Polarity

Connector 1 Series πŸ˜•SMA

Connector 2 Gender πŸ˜•Plug

Connector 2 Polarity πŸ˜•Standard Polarity

Connector 2 Series πŸ˜•BNC

Frequency & Max VSWR πŸ˜•4GHz VSWR1.2

Geometry πŸ˜•Straight

Impedance πŸ˜•50ohm

Title πŸ˜•SMA plug to BNC plug 4GHz VSWR1.2

Data Sheet πŸ˜•AD-A3B3.pdf

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