The Long Ranger. 28dB UltraGain Directional Cellular Antenna, N-Female, 600-6000 MHz


The Big Dog, the Flagship, the Boss Antenna. This thing is the real deal.

  • Over 16 kilometres of range
  • Up to +28dBi of gain, N-Female termination
  • 10 degree directional beam
  • For all cellular and WiFi bandwidths: 5G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi 6, and more
  • Reliable, weatherproof construction

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When you picture great expanses of wilderness, what do you see? Vast deserts? Untouched rain forests? Stretches of sand and surf? Whatever your fancy, no doubt you visualise nothing manmade in sight. A true getaway.

That all sounds great, but we all know that a true getaway means sacrificing certain creature comforts. Many relish this. However, getting away and being completely unreachable are two different things – doubly so if you want to make a call, stream some audio or video, or get WiFi. If you fall into the latter camp, the Bolton Technical Long Ranger will help solve your issue.

The Bolton Technical Long Ranger is the highest continuous gain parabolic cellular antenna on the market. It covers the full range of cellular and WiFi bands, including all carriers worldwide. The entire breadth of the cellular and WiFi spectrum is covered here.

Compared to other wideband antennas with averages of +8 to +12 dB – be they omni, yagi, or LPDA – the Bolton Technical Long Ranger provides up to +28 dB. That’s a power increase of up to 15X! With a radiation cone between 4 to 20 degrees, it allows for narrow, fine-tuned, and farther distances than most rival antennas.

The Long Ranger is ideal for rural communities in extremely weak signal areas who have trouble even reaching their nearest cell tower, and for enterprise, who want to get the most out of their commercial booster installation. The Long Ranger will also work in urban areas, cutting through RF noise to provide a direct conduit to clear mobile or WiFi.

The Bolton Technical Long Ranger works with on all Australian mobile phone networks and is ideal for use with the Cel-Fi GO signal boosters , WiFi range extenders, and 4G and 5G Routers and modems.

This is an after -market accessory that will help boost your signal but is not mandatory.

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ITEM NO. BT974822
Frequency Range 600-960, 1700-2200, 3000-6500 MHz
Gain 8-15, 20-28, 10-26 dBi
Polarization Vertical & Horizontal
Beam Width (Horizontal) 23, 10, 7 deg
Beam Width (Vertical) 35, 13, 9
VSWR <=2.5, <=2.0, <=2.5
Front-to-Back Ratio >11, 20, >10 dB
Input Power, maximum 100 watt
Impedence 50 ohm
Connector Type N-female
Size 60 x 99 x 40 cm, 24 x 39 x 16 in
Weight, without Mounting Kit 2.4 kg, 5.3 lb
Mounting Hardware 35 ~ 50 mm, 1.4 ~ 2 in
Reflector Finish Electrostatic Powder Coat
Radome Material ABS Anti UV
Operational Temperature -55 ~ 60 C, -67 ~ 140 F
Operational Humidity <95 %