Can I boost cellular and data connection at the same time?

Can I use a 4G modem and a Cel-Fi Go signal booster at the same time? Yes, it is, it’s not as simple as just using one or the other, there’s a significant performance difference between just running your modem through a Cel-Fi boosted signal or using the actual modem to get you a 4G connection. And the problem is that you use a Cel-Fi, your voice gets better, correct, but your data may not be as good as you want it to be. On the other hand, you fix your data using a modem such as the Teltonika 360, then you don’t have a boosted voice because this thing produces a data connection so you can have all your devices, including your phone, connected to WIFI for voiceover, voiceover WIFI, potentially WhatsApp, and so forth, but it’s not that classic phone service.

Process of a data connection

You first have a nice antenna on the roof, a MIMO antenna, a multiple input, multiple output antenna, that’s two cables coming down. Now, it could be an XPOL-2 from pointing antennas, it could be two of the, our DR11 directional antennas, it could be two high-end LPDAs, it could be two Yagis, whatever, it could be two antennas that is out on the roof with two cables coming down, two cables gets plugged into a modem such as the one I have in my hand that gets you internet connection, it’s fairly simple. One antenna, one antenna set, two cables, and a modem, that is it.

Process of a Cel-Fi Go Connection

On the other hand, with a Cel-Fi, it’s equally simple. You have one antenna on the roof, which in this case, would potentially be a LPDA, a log periodic dipole array, it could be a Yagi, it, pretty much a panel antenna or something similar, an Omni antenna if you’re on a boat or a caravan, or so forth, as well. One cable coming down, one cable connected to the Cel-Fi. You do need then another cable with another antenna on the internal side, so coming out of the Cel-Fi that produces the new boosted 4G signal, again, fairly simple, it’s an antenna cable booster cable and another antenna on the inside.

4G Modem and Cel-Fi GO Together

But they’re two separate systems, now there is a way to get the best of both, and that’s by basically taking an antenna, a MIMO antenna, one of the cables from the XPOL-2 or the MIMO antenna will go straight into your modem. So one of them will go straight into the modem, the other one will go into a splitter. So, here’s a little splitter box I have in my hand. It’s one input, two outputs, so that cable goes one into here and then with another piece of cable, so just any cable like I have here, it could be a very short cable, it runs from the small connector to both devices. So now you have two outputs, one output goes to the Cel-Fi, one output goes to the other port of the modem. The modem then still produces WIFI. The Cel-Fi can still take that signal that it gets in and produces a nice signal for whatever system you have. It could be in your house, could be at your caravan, could be in your car, could be wherever you want it to be.