Directional High Gain 4G MIMO Antenna Set


4G Antenna set capable of providing a MIMO setup to improve your mobile internet connection anywhere in Australia

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The 4G MIMO Antenna Array is a 2-antenna low PIM Log Periodic Directional antenna setup for use in the Australian 3G/4G/LTE / WiFi, LoraWAN and GPS market.

The antenna supports all the Australian and international mobile network frequencies, including the Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+ 700 MHz (Band 28) and 2600 MHz (Band 7) networks.
Telstra Next-G 3G and Vodafone 4G+ networks operating in the 850MHz as well as the Vodafone and Optus Regional 3G networks using the 900MHz spectrum are all covered with the antenna array

The RFS0727-DR11 is also capable of operating in the WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and 802.11ac (2400MHz -2500MHz), meaning it is of interest to both Wireless LAN and drone (Quad-Copter) operators.

With this setup your external antenna setup with vastly improve RSRP and RSRQ, allowing the connection to get the best bandwidth / throughput available with your modem and the local network conditions for that particular location.

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Peter Hansen
Directional High Gain 4G MIMO DR11 Antenna Set + TS9 connectors + 15m coaxial cable works excelle...

We've had excellent results after a DIY-install of RF Shop antennas, cables and connectors in rural NSW. Very happy -- the signal strength on the wifi router is much improved = more stable and quicker internet than before. Another big plus are David's YouTube videos which are hugely useful in making sense of the technology.
Details: 2 DR11 4G MIMO antennas were connected via 15m coaxial cable and TS9 connectors to a Netgear Aircard and Smart Cradle. Communication is to a Telstra mobile tower 20-22km away on Band 28 700mHz, pretty much line-of-sight.
Signal strength on the wifi router has increased to a stable -91dBm from about -106dBm when using the cradle antenna alone indoors. Download speeds vary between 4 and 67 mbps depending on the time of day wrt traffic on the mobile network. This is proving adequate for our needs and is much improved on what we had before.
Thank you RF Shop and as soon as you have gear to fix mobile network congestion please send one and bill us!