5G Ready 4G Antenna (Performance MIMO)


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The 4G Antenna kit includes the 5G Ready MIMO XPOL-2 antenna presented by Poynting Antennas.
The 4G Outdoor Antenna comes with a set of two 10m Coaxial Cables and two TS9 adapter cables.
The complete kit will support the Optus B818, also availabled as a Huawei B818 from Vodafone or elsewhere online.
The Telstra NightHawk M2, as well as the earlier Netgear NightHawk M1 also uses the TS9 connector.

Alternative modems such as the Huawei B525 and Teltonika devices uses SMA connectors, and the 5G Outdoor Antenna will be compatible with a wide range of current and future 5G network requirements, making this the ideal 5G External Antenna.


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