MD Coaxial Cable Assembly for Panametrics PT878


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10-32 Plug to Lemo FFA.00.250.CTAC31Z RG316 5 meters Dual Cable with Braid and Red/Blue Heatshrink

• 5000mm length RG316 dual coaxial
Microdot plugs (two of) one end Male plugs for BNC Assembly click here
• Lemo plugs (two of) other end FFA.00.250.CTAC31Z
• Microdot end with dual coaxials separated for 300mm length
• Lemo end with dual coaxials separated to 150mm length

Similar to Panametrics 704-671-25 cable assembly. 

Panametrics PT878 Flowmeter Part Number 704-672-25  with Microdot Connectors.