Caravan 4G Internet kit

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The Caravan 4G Internet Kit includes an easy to set up 4G/5G antenna and a high quality 4G modem, that is reliable and creates a strong Wi-Fi network.


Introducing the Classic Caravan 4G Internet Kit, which combines the high-performance Poynting MIMO-3-12 antenna with the reliable Teltonika RUT360, ensuring 4G connectivity even in remote areas. Mounting the omni antenna on your roof can be done by drilling a hole or using the additional magnet kit provided by Poynting. This solution is particularly effective in coastal regions throughout Australia. With this kit, you can enjoy an extended signal range for your mobile phone, reaching up to 60 km away from the nearest phone tower, enabling uninterrupted streaming and clear video calls.

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The Caravan 4G Internet Kit is a versatile antenna and modem kit designed to keep you connected during your travels. The Teltonika RUT360 features two external Wi-Fi antennas that provide a strong and wide-reaching Wi-Fi signal. Unlike other 4G modems, the RUT360 comes with SMA connectors, known for their durability and ease of use compared to TS9 connectors. The kit includes the popular RUT360 4G modem, the Poynting MIMO-3-12 outdoor 4G (5G Ready) antenna with a 2m coaxial cable, and a vehicle power supply socket. To establish a connection, all you need is a SIM card from any network operator with a current data or prepaid plan. If you require a longer cable, you can order custom extension cables through our cable builder. You can learn more about this kit in the introductory video provided below.

Teltonika RUT360 4G Modem

The Teltonika RUT360 4G Modem is built to withstand industrial conditions, capable of operating at temperatures up to 75°C. Its two SMA connectors allow for the use of a MIMO 4G antenna, offering a stable and reliable connection. The modem also comes with two external Wi-Fi antennas, which can be replaced or upgraded based on your needs. Unlike regular 4G modems with internal Wi-Fi antennas, the RUT360 gives you the flexibility to enhance your Wi-Fi signal. With its superior features, including the use of SMA connectors and external Wi-Fi antennas, the RUT360 outperforms other modems on the market.

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Poynting MIMO-3-12 Vehicle Antenna

The Poynting MIMO-3-12 Vehicle Antenna is a versatile 4G/5G omni-directional antenna suitable for various mounting options, including magnetic attachment to your caravan roof. Designed for transportation and marine use, this robust and water-resistant antenna (IP 69K) offers exceptional performance. It features two cellular MIMO antennas that cover a wide frequency range, including the contemporary 617 MHz to 2700 MHz bands, as well as the emerging LTE and 5G spectrum for 450MHz and 3.5GHz CBRS bands. The antenna’s ultra-wideband capability allows it to support different operators and technologies, making it future-proof for upcoming cellular technologies. Its superior design ensures outstanding performance, especially in transportation and marine applications. The antenna is widely used in commercial/industrial vehicles, marine environments, M2M, and other IoT systems that utilize various radio technologies.

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