5G Internet Kit – 5G Modem and Antenna

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The 5G Modem and Antenna Kit, the perfect solution for high-speed business or home internet.

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Introducing the 5G Modem and Antenna Kit, the perfect solution for high-speed business or home internet. This kit offers exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness compared to alternatives like Starlink. With download speeds ranging from 200 MB/s to 460 MB/s, zero latency, and no drop-outs, you can enjoy seamless streaming and gaming across multiple devices. The modem’s external Wi-Fi antennas provide extensive coverage throughout your home, eliminating the need for additional Wi-Fi mesh systems.

Speed test and comparison with StarLink in our Youtube video

The kit includes the Teltonika RUTX50, an industrial-grade 5G modem renowned for its reliability and speed. It is paired with the Poynting XPOL-24 flagship antenna. The 5G Internet Kit is suitable for stationary applications and is backward compatible with 4G and 3G networks. It ensures exceptional 4G signal performance until your area receives 5G coverage, making your connection future-proof for the next decade. The modem features a durable aluminum casing and comes with external antennas that can be upgraded in the future. This kit is versatile and can be used in both home and caravan settings.

Poynting XPOL-24

Poynting XPOL-24 is an advanced 4×4 MIMO 5G/LTE antenna that offers outstanding performance. It utilizes cutting-edge metamaterial technology, including an Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC) and a patented configuration, resulting in exceptional bandwidth and gain improvements. The antenna’s radiation patterns are precisely controlled, contributing to its superior performance. With a wideband frequency coverage from 617 to 4200 MHz and a peak gain of 11dBi, the XPOL-24 excels in various frequency bands critical for 5G/LTE technologies. It is the go-to solution for current and future 5G/LTE antenna deployments.

More Information on the XPOL-24 User Guide for XPOL-24

Teltonika RUTX50 5G Modem

The Teltonika RUTX50 5G modem is the top choice on the market, offering ultra-high speeds, dual-SIM capabilities, and enhanced bandwidth. It ensures a seamless experience with no loading time, resets, or slow speeds. With 5G dual SIM cellular communication, five Gigabit Ethernet ports, and dual-band Wi-Fi, it enables reliable and ultra-low latency data transfer. The RUTX50 is future-proof, allowing for upgrades and expansions, and comes with RutOS, which provides advanced security features and specialized industrial protocols. It is compatible with the Remote Management System (RMS) for optimized remote management and monitoring capabilities, making it an ideal choice for large device fleets.

Investing in the 5G Modem and Antenna Kit guarantees a high-performance and future-ready internet connection, transforming your business or home internet experience.

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