LMR 400 Low Loss Ultra Flex 10.29mmOD Coax Cable


Genuine LMR400-UF only sold in High Quality Cable Assemblies, no sale of drums or unterminated cable.


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LMR400 UltraFlex is a type of coaxial cable known for its flexibility and performance.

Key features and information about LMR400 UltraFlex coaxial cable

  1. Construction: LMR400 UltraFlex cable is constructed with high-quality materials. It typically consists of a solid copper or copper-clad aluminum inner conductor, a foam polyethylene dielectric insulating layer, a dual shield with an aluminum foil and a tinned copper braid, and an outer jacket made of durable and weather-resistant material such as polyethylene.
  2. Impedance: LMR400 UltraFlex has an impedance of 50 ohms. This impedance value ensures optimal signal transfer in applications where impedance matching is crucial, such as in RF systems and high-frequency data transmission.
  3. Flexibility: The “UltraFlex” designation indicates that this cable is designed to be highly flexible and easy to bend compared to standard LMR400 cables. This flexibility allows for easier installation and routing in tight spaces or applications where cable maneuverability is important.
  4. Attenuation: LMR400 UltraFlex offers low signal loss (attenuation) over longer distances, making it suitable for applications that require reliable signal transmission. The attenuation characteristics depend on the frequency range, but generally, LMR400 UltraFlex provides low loss up to several gigahertz.
  5. Power Handling: LMR400 UltraFlex is designed to handle higher power levels, making it suitable for applications where power transmission is a concern. It has the capability to handle moderate to high power without significant signal degradation.
  6. Connector Compatibility: LMR400 UltraFlex cables typically use connectors with an impedance of 50 ohms, such as Type N, BNC, or SMA connectors. The choice of connector depends on the specific application and equipment being used.
  7. Environmental Durability: LMR400 UltraFlex cables are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The outer jacket provides protection against moisture, UV radiation, and other environmental factors, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It’s important to note that LMR400 UltraFlex is just one variant within the LMR series of coaxial cables, each offering different characteristics and performance specifications. If you have specific requirements or need precise details about the cable’s suitability for your application, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s datasheet or seek expert advice from our engineers at RFShop

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Andre F
Cables don't get much better than that

LMR-400 UF is one of the best cables you can get around and the quality of RFShop's assembled cables is top notch. Highly recommended


great product!