Remote Home 4G Internet Kit

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Remote Home 4G Internet Kit, the ideal solution for rural areas with poor signal.

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Remote Home 4G Internet Kit, the ideal solution for rural areas with poor signal. This kit includes the Poynting LPDA-92 MIMO antenna and the Teltonika Networks 4G Wi-Fi Router for Home users. It’s specifically designed to provide excellent range and a reliable connection, even in extreme weather conditions. The antenna is easily mounted on a pole with the included brackets.

The Poynting LPDA-92 antenna

offers high gain and a directional design, allowing for easy alignment with a main beam width of around 50°. It provides broadband coverage across multiple operational frequencies and is lightweight, pole mountable, and resistant to water and dust. With a proven track record in various climate conditions, from snow to desert to tropical environments, this antenna ensures a tremendous improvement in the reliability of your wireless data connection.

LPDA-92 Data Sheet

4G modem – Teltonika RUT360

The Teltonika RUT360 4G modem is a top choice, known for its exceptional quality and durability. Designed for long-term industrial use, it offers seamless connectivity options through cellular, Wi-Fi, and wired networks. Equipped with two Ethernet interfaces, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and a 4G LTE Cat 6 cellular module, the RUT360 supports data speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Its unique programming, remote monitoring, and security features make it perfect for IoT and M2M applications that require secure and reliable connectivity. Additionally, the modem’s carrier aggregation functionality ensures optimal performance in areas with limited cellular data speeds.

The rugged design of the RUT360 allows it to withstand temperatures up to 75°C, ensuring it operates flawlessly even in hot conditions where regular consumer-grade modems may encounter issues. It features two SMA connectors for MIMO 4G antennas, providing a stable connection and eliminating the need for adapter cables. The modem also comes with two external Wi-Fi antennas that can be replaced or upgraded for enhanced range and signal strength. Unlike regular 4G modems with internal Wi-Fi antennas, the RUT360 allows you to optimize your Wi-Fi signal by pointing the external antennas in specific directions where you need stronger coverage.

Investing in the Remote Home 4G Internet Kit provides you with reliable and high-speed internet connectivity in rural areas. Simply add a SIM card from your chosen provider, and you’ll be ready to enjoy an improved internet experience for your home.

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