Use 4G instead of NBN

We are all happy to take advantage of flexible work arrangements, with many organisations allowing staff to work from home. As these numbers continue to grow, the need for access to fast and reliable internet has grown alongside it.

Home internet speeds are generally geared towards leisurely usage, such as streaming Netflix, and browsing on the web. The fact of the matter is that the connection speeds required to work remotely, could be drastically different to the ones needed for a buffer-free movie night. Especially if there are multiple people at home, all using the internet at the same time. NBN has been great, but it does have its limitations and most consumer-grade home internet modems cannot be improved with extra antennas etc. Switching to 4G with a powerful antenna and industrial grade 4G modem can work wonders with your home internet speed and bandwidth.

If you live in a metro area with a good enough 4G connection on your phone, our 4G Home Internet Kit is the Solution for you. It includes a directional panel antenna from a world-leading antenna company Poynting and an industrial grade 4G modem from Teltonika.

If you are living further from a metro area and get a very inconsistent connection, using a powerful Yagi or LPDA antenna is the way to go. Our Remote Home 4G Internet kit is designed just for that.

We have done a tutorial on how to get faster internet in your home and a modem comparison test video on our YouTube channel.

Use 5G Instead of NBN

5G roll out has already started in Australia and what a game changer! It is so much faster with no loading time and incredible amounts of data can be transferred in just a single second. If you are lucky enough to already live in an area that has 5G coverage, think no more. Make the switch now. Your internet speed will no longer be measured in Mbps, but in Gbps. If you are in an area that is due to get 5G soon, you can future proof and get the devices now. All 5G devices are still compatible with 4G and even 3G.


Our 5G Internet kit includes the Teltonika RUTX50 5G Modem and the Poynting XPOL-24 Antenna. Here is our unboxing video of the Teltonika 5G modem and comparison tests with other popular 5G modems, such as the Nighthawk M6 or the Nokia FastMile.


The benefits of 5G are:


Lower energy consumption

It is estimated that 5G technology is capable of reducing devices’ power consumption, allowing for greater battery durability, extending their service life. For example, it is estimated that Internet of Things (IoT) devices could last up to 10 years.

Improved bandwidth

Another benefit of 5G relates to the significant increase in network bandwidth, enabling greater capacity to process large volumes of data in a single instant. So using 5G mobile devices will improve your connectivity, no matter where you are. The most-discussed 5G feature is increased speed and bandwidth. With a data rate of up to 10 Gbps, 5G will bring a 10 times to 100 times improvement over the existing 4G LTE technology. 5G density enables up to 100 times more connected devices in the same physical area that 4G LTE operates today, while maintaining 99.999% availability

Low Latency

You can use a high volume of data with no delays – no more loading times or buffering.


This means

  • You can download a movie in minutes and a song in seconds.

  • You can get audio and video in HD.

  • You can experience console-quality gaming on the go.

  • You can stream, share, post and work in public settings without being slowed down by everyone around you when connected.